BECE School Placement Cut-off Grade

The Ministry in charge of Education is preparing to release the Senior High Schools placement for graduates of the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE).

The school a graduate is placed in depends solely on the aggregate obtained by the graduate.

According to the guidelines for placing students, the better the aggregate obtained by the graduate, the better his or her chances of getting his first or second choice schools.

To encourage and improve upon the penetration of education in the country, most students get a place in one of the many Senior High Schools in the country despite the grades they obtain in the examination.

However, some graduates might not be placed due to their poor grades in their Basic Education Certificate Examination.

Graduates who are not place have the chance to do Self Placement in a list of schools provided in the Computerized School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS) Portal.

Graduates who obtained aggregate 35 or more and are not placed in a Senior High School have the opportunity to do Self Placement.

The table below presents you with the various choice of schools and corresponding aggregates.

1st Choice 6 – 10
2nd Choice 11 – 19
3rd and 4th Choice 20 – 29
5th Choice 30 – 35
Self Placement above 35


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